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menumiz™ Pay

menumiz™ Pay takes menumiz™ to a new level as a payment solution, introducing the concept of OTFPOS (Online Fund Transfer at Point of Sale) for the first time in the market. However, customers also have the option to skip menumiz™ Pay and proceed to the counter for payment using cash, cards, or e-wallets.

menumiz™ offers a streamlined approach to cost reduction, including savings on paper menus, reduced hardware expenses, a decreased need for waiting staff, increased table turnover, higher kitchen efficiency, and the implementation of an integrated payment management system.

Customers are required to scan a QR code or using their mobile phone to access the food menu, either on a web browser or the mobile app. However, in a basic version of the application, customers still need to pay at the counter after selecting items from the digital menu. In this scenario, the waitstaff or cashier should retrieve the order based on the customer’s name, table number, or order number and proceed to place the order and complete the payment process. In other words, customers submit their orders into the system, pending for payment and confirmation by the cashier.

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