menumiz™ Flow (OPTION 1)

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menumiz™ Flow (OPTION 1)

We’ve come to a clear understanding that human interaction plays a pivotal role in the process of placing orders. This not only helps mitigate the risks we’ve discussed but also ensures a more personalized and enjoyable dining experience for our customers. Recognizing this, we introduced an enhanced version of menumiz™ in 2022, and here’s how it works:

As a customer perspective,

  1. Access the Digital Menu: Start by scanning the QR code, which will grant you access to the digital menu on your mobile device.
  2. Make Your Selections: Take your time to browse the menu, select the items you desire, and add them to your basket.
  3. Place Your Order and Select Payment Option: Once you’re ready, submit your order. At this point, you also have the option to select your preferred payment method. (Either pay on the spot using menumiz™ Pay or opt to settle the bill later at the counter.

Here’s what happens next:

  • Your order is placed in a queue within our TSO module.
  • The waitstaff or cashier promptly receives a notification about your pending order.
  • The waitstaff or cashier will retrieve the order, carefully review it, confirm the details, and then send it to the kitchen for preparation.

This refined approach ensures that the human touch remains an integral part of your dining experience while harnessing the convenience of modern technology.

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