System requirement

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System requirement

menumiz™ is avaiable on most of the platforms as well as it works on the web. However, printing is not possible from web, you need to use app inorder to print bills or dockets.

Supported Platform Version

iOS15.0 or later
Android11.0 or later
MacOS12.0 or Later
Windows11.0 or Later
iMinAndroid 11.0 or Later
Huawei4.00 or Later
Supported Platform Version

Bandwidth Requirements

The table below lists the network bandwidth requirements for using menumiz™

menumiz™ uses an adaptive codec that automatically changes to adapt to the user’s network condition and provides them with the best experience.

PlatformBet Rate (Single Stream)Recommended Network
Business App (POS)20 MbpsWIFI
Consumer App5 Mbps4G or 5G
Video Menu8 Mbps4G or 5G
Bandwidth Requirements

Other Requirements

  • Some features require various permissions to be enabled to work correctly.
  • Network access is needed to use the menumiz™, Mobile App and Consumers.

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