Mobile Or Tablet Device Requirements (iOS & Android)

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Mobile Or Tablet Device Requirements (iOS & Android)

menumiz™ App Is Available in The Following OS:


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Android APK

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Supported Platform Version

iOS15.0 or later
Android11 or later
Supported Platform Version

Bandwidth Requirements

The table below lists the network bandwidth requirements for using menumiz™

menumiz™ uses an adaptive codec that automatically changes to adapt to the user’s network condition and provides them with the best experience.

PlatformBet Rate (Single Stream)Bandwidth
Business App64 kbps~0.5 to 2M/min
Consumer App8 to 32 kbps~0.5 to 2M/min
Video Menu400 kbps24M/min
Bandwidth Requirements

Other Requirements

  • Some features require various permissions to be enabled to work correctly.
  • Network access is needed to use the menumiz™, Mobile App and Consumers.
  • A microphone is requirement for devices that do not have a built-in microphone for e-Waiter.

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