How To Add New Printer

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How To Add New Printer

1. Select Printer Model

Choose your printer model from the list.

2. Give It a Name

Assign a name to the printer for easy identification.

3. Enter the Printer IP

Provide the printer’s IP address (e.g.,

Kindly refer to, to learn how to find the printer IP and PORT)

4. Enter the Port Number

Specify the port number for your printer.

5. Assign Printing Tasks

Select what the printer is intended to print – Docket, Bills, Labels, or any combination.

6. Assign Users

Grant user access to this printer by specifying their usernames (see below).

NOTE: You can add multiple printers for various purposes.

NOTE: Each printer can be assigned a single printing task per row. If a printer needs to handle both dockets and bills, you’ll need to add it twice, once for each role. This ensures efficient task management.

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