LAN / WIFI Thermal Printers

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LAN / WIFI Thermal Printers

menumiz™ offers support for LAN/WIFI thermal printers, allowing you to seamlessly add and allocate them for printing bills and dockets. Additionally, we are excited to announce that label printing will soon be available.

Important Notes:

  1. Direct printing from mobile apps or Mac devices, the menumiz™ POS app is the recommended choice.
  2. menumiz™ is compatible with any 80mm LAN thermal printers (IP-based) that adhere to the ESC/POS protocol. We have provided a list of tested printers in the dropdown menu when you’re adding a printer. The “Other” option encompasses any other 80mm thermal printer (LAN). Please be aware that menumiz™ cannot guarantee the precise outcome and format of printed dockets and bills in this scenario.

Moreover, during your initial configuration, you have the flexibility to skip the printer setup and revisit this section at a later stage.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can do:

  1. Access your list of printers.
  2. Edit existing printer settings.
  3. Cash Drawer Open Logs.
  4. Add a new printer.
  5. Configure global printing settings for a smooth printing experience.

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