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MOAP (mobile App)

MOAP (Menumiz Order Auto Placer) is a utility app that enhances the functionality of Menumiz POS by automating the processing of QR code-based orders, directing them to the kitchen via Menumiz’s load control system. When a customer places an order using QR codes, a docket is required in the kitchen for the chef. If no waiter is active on Menumiz POS, the system won’t print the docket since the printing command is issued from devices using Menumiz POS. To address this, MOAP was developed to manage printing tasks over LAN in the absence of an active user on the POS.

MOAP operates effectively when the load control is activated in the TSO module of Menumiz POS. To access MOAP, users must first establish a user/device designated as ‘load control’ in the user management section of Menumiz POS, then log in to MOAP app using the credentials.

NOTE: MOAP is available in Google Play, Huawei and iMin devices only.

Download from Google:

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