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Reviews and Ratings

menumiz™ provides a comprehensive platform for business reviews, seamlessly integrated into the system. Your valued customers can contribute their thoughts and feedback by leaving reviews and comments for your establishment or rating each dish from the menu.

As a restaurant manager or administrator, you hold the capability to interact with your customers by responding to their comments. These replies will be showcased in the reviews section and additionally shared with customers through email notifications.

NOTE: Diners can provide comments solely for business reviews in general. Ratings, in the form of stars, are reserved for the food items in menumiz™. Also, it’s important to mention that diners can only rate a food item if they have placed an order for it.

Key Features:

  1. Search and Filter Panel: Utilize this handy tool for quick and efficient review navigation.
  2. Review Type (Food or Business): Distinguish between food and business reviews for convenient access.
  3. Reply to Comments: Engage with customer feedback by responding directly to their comments.
  4. Privacy Setting: Tailor your review display preferences with the option for public or private reviews, applicable to both food ratings and business reviews.


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