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Order Management

Order Management in menumiz™ is a feature designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of order taking in a business. This feature allows waitstaff to take orders directly at the customer’s table using a tablet or mobile device, providing a more convenient and streamlined ordering process. This feature is especially useful for dine-in establishments where customers expect quick and accurate service.

With Order Management in menumiz™, waitstaff can:

  1. Create Orders: Waitstaff can take orders by selecting menu items from the digital menu and adding them to the order.
  2. Customise Orders: Enables easy customisation of orders, including special requests, modifications, and specific preparation instructions.
  3. Send Orders to the Kitchen: Orders taken using order management are sent directly to the kitchen or bar, reducing the delay between order placement and preparation.
  4. Managing Orders: Waitstaff can manage orders, including viewing, editing, or removing items, all from the tablet or mobile device.
  5. Bill Generation: Order Management can also facilitate the creation of bills, allowing waitstaff to quickly provide customers with accurate totals.

This feature not only improves the overall dining experience but also minimizes the chances of order errors and delays. It’s a valuable addition to menumiz™ for restaurants looking to streamline their operations and provide efficient service to their customers.


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