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History & Refund


The history section in menumiz™ provides a comprehensive record of previous orders and transactions, . This feature allows users to access and review the details of past activities within the system, offering transparency and accountability.

You can view a list of all transactions that have occurred in the system over the last 7 years. This includes details such as the order number, table number, date, and the amount paid.

By clciking on the printer icon, you can view the bill and print a copy if you need a hard copy of the bill.


You can select a transaction from the list and start the refund process. Remember that menumiz currently supports full refund only.

Please complete and submit the refund slip form. Note that the method of payment for the refund cannot be changed. If the original bill was paid in cash, the refund will also be in cash. Similarly, if it was paid by card, the refund will be processed to the same card.

IMPORTANT: If a customer has paid the bill using menumiz pay, the refund process cannot be initiated directly by you. Instead, the customer must request a refund through their menumiz account by navigating to ‘Order History > Help > Refund’. We will then verify with you whether the refund is valid and, if so, proceed with the refund from our end.


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