Full Refund & Partially Refund

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Full Refund & Partially Refund

The ability to issue partial refunds provides flexibility and allows you to address customer concerns effectively. It ensures that customers are only charged for the items or services they are happy with while maintaining transparency and fairness in your business transactions.

In menumiz™, you can issue both full refunds and partial refunds, depending on the specific circumstances of the transaction. Here’s an explanation of each:

Full Refund

  • A full refund involves reimbursing the entire amount of the original transaction to the customer.
  • This type of refund is typically used when the customer is dissatisfied with the entire order or when there has been a payment error.
  • For example, if a customer receives an incorrect order and wants a full refund, the entire amount they paid is returned.

Partially Refund (Coming Soon)

  • A partial refund means that only a portion of the original transaction amount is returned to the customer.
  • This option is useful when a customer is not satisfied with certain items in their order but wants to keep others.
  • For instance, if a customer orders a meal that includes several items and is unhappy with one of them, a partial refund allows you to refund only the cost of the unsatisfactory item.

Note: Partial Refund is not available in the menumiz system. We hope to make this feature available soon.

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