Cash Tender


Cash Tender

In menumiz™ ePOS, the term “Cash Tendered” refers to the amount of CASH a customer gives to the cashier to settle a transaction. When a customer pays in cash, the cashier enters the amount given into the system. The system then automatically calculates the amount of change to return to the customer.

The Cash Tendered section displays the following information:

  1. Grand Total: This is the total amount due for the transaction.
  2. Tendered: This is the amount of cash given by the customer.
  3. Remaining Amount: This is the amount still due if the tendered amount is less than the grand total.
  4. Suggest Amounts: The system provides suggested amount for cash tendered, such as $10, $50, $100, $200, $250, and $500, to facilitate quicker and more accurate cash handling.

This feature simplifies the payment process, reduces the risk of cash handling errors, and ensures efficient and accurate transactions.

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