menumiz™ Pay (Scan QR Code To Make Payment)

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menumiz™ Pay (Scan QR Code To Make Payment)

menumiz™ Pay is an internal payment service provided by menumiz™, an ePOS system. This service allows customers to pay for their meals directly through the menumiz™ app, enhancing the dining experience by offering a convenient and efficient payment method.

When customers want to make a payment, they can find a QR code at the bottom left of the bill section. By scanning this QR code with their smartphones, they can access the menumiz™ Pay feature.

This process eliminates the need for physical payment methods and streamlines the payment process, making it quicker and more convenient for both the customers and the waitstaff.

Once the QR code is scanned, customers can make the payment from stored cards in their menumiz™ account. An option to add a tip is also available and will show before completing the payment. However, customers also have the option to skip menumiz™ Pay and proceed to the counter for payment using cash, card, or e-wallets.

To use menumiz™ Pay, customers need to either log in or sign up for a menumiz™ account. This ensures that their payment information is securely stored and can be easily accessed for future payments.

In summary, the menumiz™ Pay QR code payment system is a feature that enhances the dining experience by providing a convenient and efficient method for customers to pay for their meals. It is part of the broader menumiz™ platform, which offers a range of features designed to streamline business operations and enhance the dining experience.

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