Merge Bills


Merge Bills

In menumiz™, the Merge Bills feature allows you to combine two or more bills into a single bill. This can be particularly useful in situations where multiple parties are dining together and wish to pay as a group.

NOTE: In some contexts, this feature might also be referred to as ‘merge tables’

Here’s a brief overview of how the Merge Bills feature works in menumiz™:

1. Select Bills to Merge

First, identify the bills you want to merge. These could be separate bills from the same table, placed from different devices or through a waitstaff.

2. Select Bills

Navigate to the “Bills” section in the menumiz™ dashboard. Here, you will see a list of all active bills. Select the bills you want to merge by checking the box next to each relevant bill.

3. Initiate the Merge

Once you’ve selected the bills to merge, initiate the merging process. This will transfer all items from one bill to another, effectively combining them into a single bill.

4. Review the Merged Bill

After merging the bills, review the new bill to ensure that all items have been transferred correctly and that the total amount is accurate.

5. Complete the Transaction

With the merged bill, you can now proceed to process the payment as usual.

NOTE: When merging bills, a new bill will be created containing all the items from the merged bills. Also, all related order numbers will change to the first principal order number of the first bill. This feature is designed to work seamlessly with both dine-in and takeaway orders, making it a versatile tool for managing customer payments in various scenarios.

By using the Merge Bills feature in menumiz™, you can simplify the payment process for your customers and streamline your restaurant’s billing operations.

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