Split Billing

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Split Billing

menumiz™ offers a practical Split Billing feature, designed to enhance the dining experience for your guests by allowing for seamless and accurate bill division. When you choose to utilise Split Billing during the payment process, it is important to note that this feature is only available for card payments at EFTPOS.

With Split Billing, users have the flexibility to choose between two methods: Splitting the bill equally among the GUESTs or by keying desired AMOUNT. This feature accommodates varied payment preferences and group dining scenarios, allowing for effortless bill division. Whether it’s a group dinner, a business meeting, or a casual outing with friends, customers can now pay their fair share effortlessly.

It’s worth mentioning that this system’s flexibility allows for multiple concurrent orders to be submitted from the same table number, with each diner being able to order their food individually and it is part of menumiz™’s commitment to providing a seamless and hassle-free dining experience for both customers and business.

Here’s an overview of each feature:

Split The Bill by Guest

  1. Initiate Split: Start by selecting the “Split Bill by Guest” option before proceeding with payment.
  2. Specify Guest Count: Enter the number of guests sharing the bill.
  3. Automatic Split: The system will automatically distribute and calculate the bill equally among the specified guests.
  4. Bill Printing: If any customer wishes to print their individual bill, you can select the printer. Then, proceed to the payment stage.

Split The Bill by Amount

  1. Start The Split: Begin by selecting the “Split Bill by Amount” feature.
  2. Enter Amount: Specify the exact amounts requested by each guest. The total bill amount will be displayed at the top right corner, indicating the bill’s balance after each customer’s individual splits.
  3. Automated Calculation: The system will automatically divide and calculate the bill based on the specified amounts.
  4. Printing Options: If customers desire a printed copy of their bill, you can choose the printer. Then proceed to the payment phase.

NOTE: All customers sharing the split bill must use the SAME payment method of Card at EFTPOS.

NOTE: The “Hold” button is used when one split bill’s transaction is not completed. For example, it can be held when one customer decides to split the bill, pay and then leave while others are still present. During the hold, the cashier can process other orders for other customers.

NOTE: Once the first split is done, the process cannot be cancelled.

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