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Order Management Settings

The “Order Management Settings” section in the menumiz™ user manual guide provides detailed instructions on how to configure and manage various aspects of your order management process.

This includes,

  1. Public Holiday Management: This feature allows you to manage your business operations during public holidays. You can set specific operating hours, adjust menu offerings, and even set special pricing for these days.
  2. Skip guest information: This feature lets you skip the pop-up prompting for the guest’s name and email.
  3. Dark Mode: The Dark Mode feature provides an alternative, darker theme for the menumiz™ interface. This can be particularly useful in low-light environments or for users who prefer a darker screen for ease of use and comfort.
  4. Virtual Keyboard: The Virtual Keyboard feature provides an on-screen keyboard for easy data entry, particularly useful for touch-screen devices.
  5. MOAP (Utility App): This feature is designed to streamline the order retrieval process. With MOAP, orders can be automatically dispatched to the kitchen after a specified grace period, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiency.
  6. Control: Check this option if you do not want to send unpaid orders to the kitchen via MOAP.  
  7. Hold QR code orders: This allows you to temporarily pause QR code orders for 30 minutes, asking customers to order at the counter.
  8. Text -only version: This feature converts the menu to a text-only version, skipping images for faster loading. In this case, the text has a color-coded background for better recognition.

Each of these features is designed to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of the menumiz™ platform, making it easier for you to manage your business operations effectively. Detailed instructions on how to configure and use these features are provided in this section, ensuring you can make the most of the menumiz™ platform.

Public Holiday Management

Follow these steps to manage public holidays effectively:

  1. Start your day by opening the TSO (Table Side Order) module through the dashboard, then select “settings”.
  2. A pop-up will prompt you to confirm if today is a public holiday. Verify the status.
  3. If it’s a public holiday, the system will automatically adjust your working hours and kitchen working hours according to your pre-configured public holiday settings.
  4. In case you miss the morning pop-up, access the Public Holiday settings within the TSO settings.
  5. Update your settings.

 NOTE: This manual confirmation is essential for public holiday management in menumiz™.

NOTE: Make sure you have set up the public holiday settings in advance.

Dark Mode

Inside the settings, you can also enable DARK MODE for the TSO module.

NOTE: DARK MODE is exclusively available for the Order Management module, and the rest of the system will continue to operate in normal mode.

MOAP (Utility App)

Follow these steps to activate the MOAP (Utility App) feature:

  1. Access the Order Management settings.
  2. Enable “MOAP (Utility App)
  3. Set the grace period for order retrieval, with a minimum of 15 sec and a maximum of 30 minutes.
  4. Update your settings.
  5. Create MOAP (Utility App) credentials in user management and log in to MOAP utility app

With MOAP (Utility App) enabled, orders will initially appear in the Retrieve Order basket. However, if no action is taken, they will be automatically sent to the kitchen. This feature allows you to manage the kitchen’s order load by adjusting the grace period timer and provides time to make any necessary changes or cancellations before orders are sent.

NOTE: Kindly refer to https://support.menumiz.com/docs/overview/menumiz-approach/maximise-efficiency-with-menumizs-auto-load-control/, to learn more about MOAP (Utility App).

NOTE: Orders are sent to the kitchen irrespective of their payment status. If you require customers to pay before orders are sent to the kitchen, you must enforce menumiz™ Pay as the exclusive payment option (not accepting payment at the counter).

Virtual Keyboard

To enable the virtual keyboard feature in menumiz™’s order management settings, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Order Management settings in menumiz™.
  2. Look for the “Virtual Keyboard” option.
  3. Enable the virtual keyboard feature.
  4. Update your settings.

Once enabled, the virtual keyboard will be accessible, allowing for a more versatile and efficient order entry process. This feature can be especially useful when you need to input specific information, customize orders, or make modifications with ease.

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