MOAP (Utility App)


MOAP (Utility App)

Managing Order Load with Auto Retrieval

menumiz™ provides two options for retrieving and dispatching QR code based orders to the kitchen, ensuring that your business can adapt to varying levels of activity and maintain efficient service:

  1. Automated Retrieval: This option is designed for peak service times. When enabled, it automatically forwards orders to the kitchen after predetermined grace period, streamlining the order process.
  2. Manual Retrieval: For less busy periods, this option gives your waitstaff the ability to manually send orders to the kitchen, offering more control over the timing of order preparation.

By utilising these settings, you can tailor the menumiz™ system to fit your business’s operation needs, providing a seamless dining experience for your customers.

**IMPORTANT**: You may need to utilize the MOAP app to facilitate printer operations when no waitstaff is involved

Order Automated Placement (QR-code based orders only)

To tailor your business operations to your unique needs, menumiz™ offers the Automated Retrieval feature in the Order Management settings for the QR code ordering method. This feature is designed to expedite the ordering process by eliminating the need for manual verification by the waitstaff.

NOTE: This feature relies on MOAP (utility app) to work properly.

Here’s how to utilise it:

Understand the Order Flow

When Automated Retrieval is activated, orders will initially appear in the Retrieve Order basket. If no action is taken within the grace period, these orders will be automatically forwarded to the kitchen.

Activate MOAP (Utility App)

Navigate to the order management settings and activate ‘MOAP (Utility App)’.

Manage Order Grace Period

You need to set a grace period, which can vary from 15 sec to 30 minutes. Once this period has passed, the system will automatically send orders to the kitchen. This feature allows you to manage the kitchen’s load by adjusting the grace period timer. This provides a window of opportunity to make any necessary changes or cancellations before orders are dispatched. (as long as not paid)

Log in to MOAP app

menumiz™ utilizes local LAN printing, requiring printing commands to be sent from a device actively running a live session on mobile or desktop, specifically the TSO screen on waiters’ devices. Therefore, if a customer places an order using a QR code, the docket will not print unless a waiter is actively using TSO on their device. To address this issue, we developed a utility app called MOAP (menumiz Order Auto Placer – available in all app stores). This app compensates for the absence of a live TSO screen.

To use MOAP, create a user/device under ‘MOAP (Utility App)’ in user management, install MOAP on an Android device, log in using the MOAP (Utility App) credentials, and allow the app to run in the background. At the same time, ensure that you enable MOAP (Utility App) in the setting of TSO.

NOTE: Bluetooth printers are not supported in MOAP.

NOTE: Further instructions on using the digital menu can be found in

The Flow of menumiz™ Automated Retrieval (QR code orders)

This feature works in conjunction with other functionalities offered by menumiz™, such as self-service ordering, and kitchen instructions and it is also particularly useful in fast-paced environments where efficiency and accuracy are crucial.


Customer Scans QR Code

The customer scans a QR code at the table using their mobile device. This QR code directs them to the restaurant’s digital menu on the menumiz™ app



Customer Places Order

The customer browses the menu, makes their selection, and places their order through the menumiz™ app. After that, the order is then sent to the restaurant’s system.



MOAP Activates

The MOAP feature starts a grace period, which can range from 15 sec to 15 minutes. During this time, the order appears in the Retrieve Order basket in the system. If no action is taken within the grace period, the order is automatically dispatched to the kitchen.



Order Dispatched to Kitchen

Once the grace period ends, the order is automatically sent to the kitchen. The docket will print out in the kitchen.



Receipt Appears on Customer’s Mobile

After the order is placed and the grace period ends, a digital receipt is generated in menumiz™ app. The customer can view this receipt on their mobile device.


Manual Retrieval

In menumiz™ order management module, manual retrieval is a key feature that allows restaurant staff to access and retrieve orders initiated by customers using their mobile devices. This feature is typically used for orders that are initiated through QR code scanning or the menumiz™ mobile app but while the automation is not active.

To retrieve an order manually, staff members should go to “Retrieve an Order” can search for specific orders using keywords such as customer names or unique order identifiers. They can also scan customer generated QR codes for quick order retrieval. The system provides real-time updates on order statuses and new submissions, allowing staff members to stay up to date with the latest information.

For example, when a new order is received from a customer using QR code ordering, the Order Management home page will play a notification sound and repeat it every minute until the “Retrieve Order” basket is accessed. This feature ensures that staff are promptly notified of new orders, allowing for efficient order processing and timely service.

The manual retrieval feature is designed to enhance order management, making it easier for staff members to find, process, and stay current with orders in the establishment. By providing real-time alerts and updates, the system ensures that staff members are promptly notified of new orders, allowing for efficient order processing and timely service.

Staff members have the chance to amend or cancel such orders if necessary. They are also equipped to redeem coupons, as well as split or merge the order (bill) while retrieving it and proceeding with the payment.

In summary, the manual retrieval feature in menumiz™ order management system is a valuable tool for streamlining order processing and ensuring that orders are promptly received and processed while having control over the process. By leveraging this feature, waitstaff can stay informed of new orders and take timely action to process and fulfil them, ultimately contributing to an improved dining experience for customers.

NOTE: Further instructions on using the digital menu can be found in

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