Processing Delivery Orders Feature


Processing Delivery Orders Feature

menumiz™ offers a delivery feature that streamlines the process for manual delivery orders, providing a more personalised and human-driven approach to ensure timely and accurate deliveries for services such as UberEats, Doordash, Menulog, GrabFood, FoodPanda, ShopeeFood, and other supported third-party services.

To use this feature, customers can input their delivery information, including their name, order number, mobile number, and address, to ensure a seamless delivery experience.

To use the delivery feature, follow these steps:

  1. Access on the delivery order feature on the Menumiz ePOS system by selecting the “Delivery” button. This will open the delivery order processing section.
  2. Input the customer’s delivery information, including their name, order number, mobile number, and address.
  3. Verify Details: Carefully verify the customer information entered is complete and accurate before proceeding. Double check the order number matches what was provided to you by the third-party delivery service.
  4. Search For Items: Search Menu to Add Items Use the menu item search bar to find the requested food items.
  5. Add Items to Basket: Select “Add” beside each item to automatically add them to the order.
  6. Shopping Cart Quick View: Review Order Details The right sidebar will display all items added to the order. Review to ensure accuracy.
  7. Processing The Order: If payment has already been completed via the delivery service, the system will show “Payment was Received”. You may print a receipt if requested.
  8. Place the Order: Finalize and place the delivery order in the system, which will initiate order preparation. A digital receipt will automatically be generated.
  9. Completion: The system will mark the order as completed once it has been handed off to the delivery driver.

This solution streamlines what is usually a manual process, providing a straightforward system to ensure correct and on-time deliveries.

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