Contactless Ordering Through Mobile Devices or Tablets (QR-Code Based Order)


Contactless Ordering Through Mobile Devices or Tablets (QR-Code Based Order)

menumiz™ allows customers to self-place orders using dynamically generated QR codes that point to your menu.

(Desktop Version)

To manage QR code-based orders in menumiz™, follow these steps:

1. Receiving QR Code Orders

  1. QR code-based orders will be received in the “Retrieve Order” basket within the Order Management module.
  2. You have the option to either automatically send orders to the kitchen (print the docket) after a defined grace period or keep the orders in the “Retrieve Order” basket, pending manual placement.
  3. A number displayed at the corner of the “Retrieve Order” box will show the quantity of orders waiting in the queue to be processed.

When a new order is received from a customer using QR code ordering using their own mobile devices or tablets , the Order Management home page will play a notification sound and repeat it every minute until you access the “Retrieve Order” basket. Also, if you are using the Order Management feature on the menumiz™ POS mobile app, you will also receive push notifications.

2. To Retrieve an Order:

“Pay At the Counter”: If payment has not been made through menumiz™ Pay.

Select the “Retrieve Order” tab to open the pending orders basket.

The basket displays:

  1. Order Numbers
  2. Guest name (defaults to “Guest” if no name is given)
  3. Order type (dine-in with table number or takeaway)
  4. Option to retrieve an order by scanning the QR code on the customer’s device.
  5. Return to the TSO home.

NOTE: You may search pending orders by order number or customer name.

3. Scanning QR Code From Customer’s Mobile Devices For Quick Retrieval

Customers receive a QR code on their mobile device after placing an order. The QR code facilities fast retrieval for busy restaurants. Waitstaff or cashier can scan the QR code using a mobile camera or stand-alone scanner devices to retrieve the order quickly.

When the customer selects the pay “At the Counter” option, their device displays a QR code after the order is placed.

NOTE: Scanning QR codes to retrieve orders is particularly useful for restaurants with a high-volume order.

4. Upon Retrieving an Order

Once you retrieve an order, you will have the following options:

  1. Access order details, including the customer’s name and any special instructions for the chef.
  2. Review side dishes and add-ons related to the selected item.
  3. Redeem discount vouchers or gift cards.
  4. Cancel the entire order.
  5. Remove specific items from the order cart.

NOTE: Removing an item will also remove all related side dishes and add-ons associated with that item.

NOTE: You can add more items to the order by clicking “Continue to Menu”, provided you inform the customer accordingly.

(Mobile Version)

Kindly refer to the desktop guides above. All configurations and features covered apply directly to mobile setting.

The capabilities and features accessible through the menumiz™ mobile app are identical to the desktop platform. This means you can complete all the same order management, customisation, reporting, and other critical restaurant operations tasks while in a mobile setting.

Essentially, the mobile app provides the full menumiz™ ePOS system in an interface optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. So, all usage guides, configurations, features, and functionality referenced in our platform guides equally apply to the mobile app – the main difference being the mobile-first user experience design.

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