The ‘Kitchen’ in menumiz™ is an integral part of the enhanced order management system. It typically refers to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and a functionality where users can update the status of an order from ‘Start Preparing’ to ‘Ready for Collection’ as well as ‘Served/Collected’. This update can also reflect on the collection screen, or notifications can be sent to customers to inform them that their order is ready for collection.


By tapping on docket icon, the order docket is displayed.

The kitchen is seamlessly integrated with the Collection Screen, utilizing color-coded indicators for the efficient order management:

1.Yellow ( Waiting in queue) :

Yellow denotes that the dish is in the waiting list for preparation phase but preperation has not yet started.

IMPORTANT: Only users with the “Chef” role can trigger the “start preparing” action; other users have read-only access to this status and see it in grey card.

2. Red (To be Served / Collected):

When the chef taps on an order highlighted in yellow, indicating the start of preparation, the order status changes to red. The red color signifies that the dish is currently being prepared. Once the dish is ready, the chef can tap the red button to update the status to ‘Ready for Collection. (If the customer notification is enabled, it will send the collection notice to the customer’s device at this stage.)

3. Green (Served/Collected):

The green color indicates that the dish is ready and waiting for collection. By tapping on the green button once the order is collected, it is then moved from the collection screen to the kitchen history

By utilising the “Serving Type” feature, menumiz™ enables each team member to play a distinct role in the order fulfilment process. This clear categorisation enhances communication, reduces errors, and ensures that every order is handled with precision, contributing to an overall more efficient and enjoyable dining experience for your customers.

The Kitchen Settings:

You can customize the kitchen in menumiz™ to display data tailored to specific user roles. This means different users can configure the same service differently, according to their individual needs.

In the kitchen settings, you have the option to choose which stages of orders you want to see, such as orders that are in the queue for preparation or those that are ready for collection. Additionally, you have the flexibility to enable or disable the timer bar according to your requirements


You can enable customer notifications in this settings. Please note that only customers who placed their order using the menumiz™ mobile app will receive these notifications. Orders placed via the web or those not made through a QR code will not trigger a notification.

WhatsApp and SMS notification will be available in near future.

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