About Menumiz™


Menumiz™ is an   an  integrated “Software as a service” (SaaS) and offers  restaurant management system on cloud, consisting of modules such as: digital menu, table and floor management, kitchen management, payment and billing management, self-service orders,  accounting and also inventory management for the restaurants and bars. (Some modules may not be available in your country yet).


Menumiz™ enables customers  to order and pay directly from the app (Pay by App might not support some currencies yet) while in a restaurant as a self-service-Contactless dining experience. They can access a digital menu and also make payment by the app without engaging any waiter or waitress. However, restaurants can handle the orders traditionally  using tablets or smartphones by the staff. 

"Pay By App" option brings Menumiz to a new level of payment solution under OTFPOS (Online Fund Transfer At Point Of Sale) for the first time in the market. 

Having a digital menu enables restaurants to design as many professional menus as desired (e.g.: lunch, dinner, drinks, kids, special events…) by using a web-based menu creator and updating each in a few clicks when required.

Menumiz™ is a shortcut to reducing costs and expenses by skipping paper menus, cutting the hardware cost, reducing the number of waiting staff and increasing the table turnover and kitchen load and also implementing an integrated payment management system.

Customers should scan a QR code or Bluetooth beacon using their smartphones to access the restaurant menu either on web or mobile app. However, in a basic version of the system, customers yet must place the order at the counter after they chose orders from a digital menu, in this scenario, the waitstaff or cashier should retrieve the order by name, table number or order number and proceed to place the order and complete the process. In other words, customers submit the orders in to the system pending for confirmation by the cashier.