Before setting up Menumiz™ in your restaurant, bar or cafe,  please review our plans carefully to make sure it suits your need. It's a MUST to review our terms and conditions and privacy policy as well before switching to Menumiz.

To register for Menumiz, first you need to choose an Account Owner (Super Admin) . This person could be you or any other person whom you trust. The Account owner  will have full control all over the system including payment and financial management sections.

The Account owner  who starts the registration for the first time will be considered a super admin who has full access to create other admins and owners or managers. Hence, this is very critical  to start registration by high-level management of the restaurant or bar. Admin also should be familiar with online registrations and needs some basic knowledge about the Internet and computers (e.g. setting up a printer ).

Please make sure you have prepared the following before starting registration:

1: A secure email ( e.g: Gmail having two-factor authentication).

2: A valid and safe mobile number (e.g. post-paid sim).

3: Your company profile  (GST number, ABN, ...).

4: Some quality photos for your restaurant. 

5: Your LOGO ( JPEG, JPG, PNG )

6: Some text to describe your restaurant and its cuisines.

7: A Visa or Mastercard. (3D secure enabled)


NOTE: Menumiz™ currently does not support multi-location or chain restaurants under one account. This option will be available on the next release soon.

Please visit and click sign up to start the registration process. After you registered with Menumiz, then you must configure the system using a few simple wizards.