Menumiz is subscription based service (SaaS) and there are currently three plan types available which may have different rates based on your country and setup.

  • Free Plan
  • Monthly Flat Rate
  • Pay As You Go

Free Plan 1 

We offer a free basic plan which has a limitation on the number of  total orders per week and is excluding “Menumiz Pay “ feature or some advanced modules. This free plan is suitable for any small businesses which dining is just a part of their service besides the main service. (e.g.: A bakery which serves coffee or sandwiches as well ). 

Free Plan may not be always available in your region.


Monthly Flat Rate 

This is a plan having a fixed monthly subscription fee payable at strat of every billing cycle. It may have lock in contract also. 

This plan also may have limits in number of bills per week.


Pay As You Go

If you choose Pay As You Go, then you would pay a nominal amount per bill processed by the system (e.g.: 10¢ per bill) while having full unlimited access to the platform. Such plans may have a minimum payable invoice to compensate for very low number of bills in a small business. 

NOTE: For each plan mentioned above, there might be a few variations based on the size of the restaurant. (e.g. Flat Rate A ( Large restaurants), Flat Rate B( Small restaurants))

NOTE: Plans may or may not have a free trial.

NOTEMenumiz Pay service is a seperate service and must be applied for once you are on a plan which supports Menumiz Pay.

Plans Explained on web



1: Free plan might not be available in some countries or it might have different limitations or set up in each region. 

 2: Your access might be limited to some extent such as maximum number of  orders or the total number of orders in a week, the maximum number of tables or the maximum number of transactions per month, nevertheless you will have access to all modules in either case.

 3: There might be a one-time set up fee involved subject to your country.

 4: To use the “Menumiz Pay “feature, you may need to pay for an e-merchant account set up fee, annual fee and transaction charges directly to your bank or service provider.