To register a business account with Menumiz, you need to start by online registration at  Please click on "Register" tab at top right corner and fill in the form. 

You may access the registration form also via the link below:

Once you are done with the basic sign up , then you must complete the registration wizard and choose a desired set up of the system based on your requirements. 

You must select your business model ( Single outlet or multi outlet ) and also choose a system setup (Basic , Business, pro )Each setup comes with different combination of modules and requirements. 


Please note that the system setup is subject to availability in your region and modules offered in a setup might be different than the same setup in another country. 


Then you need to pick up a plan among available plans and proceed with credit card authorisation. Subject to plan you choose, there might be a free trial period which you are not charged for the service during that period. 




Please remember that if your plan supports " Pay By App ",   then this feature will not be available during the trial as each transaction involves cost and we cannot absorb your customers' credit card charges during a free trial of the system which might be hundreds every day. 

After setting up your desired plan and completing the registration, then you must configure your restaurant using Config Wizards.