Menumiz offers configuration wizards for the first time setup and normal configuration pages for editing and changing configuration later. 

Below shows the landing page after registration, each section represents a wizard and you have to click START to run and complete the wizard for each section.

  1. "Business profile" deals with your business general info, logo and address.
  2. "Working hours" is about your business working hours and also your kitechen working hours
  3. "Business setup" refers to your bsuiness policy and technocal aspects of your bsuiness such as price range, accpeted payment options (cash, card or e-wallet), tax numebr, serving model and also the coursines offered in your place.
  4. "QR code Setting is where you geenarte QR code  for your customers to enbter your digital menu on thier mobiles.
  5. "Printer Configurations" is where you setup docket, bill or label printers.  

Once you complete a waizrd, the relted section gets a green ribbon , if you leave the wizard uncmpleted, then it will display an orrange ribbon, you must continue and finnish the wizard for the related section. 

NOTE: All sections must be completed before you can use the system and create a digital menu. 

Please click below to learn on each part individually:

  1. Business profile
  2. Working hours
  3. Business setup
  4. QR code Setting
  5. Printer Configuration