Here is where you represent your restaurant or cafe to your customers, all data you provide here will be shared with your customers in public on your page in Menumiz.  Your business logo, business or trademark name, business address, photos, social media handles and also list of facilities and amenities available in your place all are set under Business profile.

Buisness Info

1: Click here to upload you logo ( JPEG or PNG , size 1X1 , Max 1 MB )

2: Your company legal name as per registration

3: Your Business name or trademark 

4: Business Registration number ( It is required if you want to apply for Menumiz Pay merchant)

5: You may share some paragraph about your business (optional)

6: " Bring Your Own Drink " option

7: Check this if you serve alcohol in your business

8: Check this if tobacco is offered


BYO: If you check the " BYO " check box, then a BOY icon will be added to your logo and your customers could understand you allow BOY (Bring Your Own drink)  at a glance on your logo.

Business Address

1: Drag and drop pin to show your exact location on map.

Photo Gallery

You may add some photos about your place. If you skip this section, system will use some default images in your Menumiz page.

Social Media

1: Social media URLs (Optional)

2: A contact number for your customers to contact you (Mandatory)

3: An email address for customer support (Mandatory)

4: A WhatsApp number for your customers to contact you (Optional)

5: A URL to any existing online booking service you may have.(Optional)

NOTE: Above information will be displayed to public in your 

Facilities & Amenities

You may select from over 70 options to show your customers what facilities and amenities are available in your place. Whatever you select, will reflect in your Menumiz page to your customers. (Public)

Explore the other sections below:

  1. Working hours
  2. Business setup
  3. QR code Setting
  4. Printer Configuration