1: You need to set your TIME ZONE

2-3: You have option to have  business working hours and a separate kitchen working hours

4: Merge business working hours and the kitchen working hours in one. (sync)

5: You have option to have different working hours for each week day OR have a fixed working hours for every day except the public holiday. ( if the check box is checked)

6: Week days

7: If all days check box ( no. 5) is checked, this  7 day option will be on.

8: Public Holidays (PH)

9: Add a schedule for the selected day(s)



Public Holidays

System doesn't refer to a calendar to check if today is a public holiday or not, rather it will prompt to ask " Is it a public holiday today?" each time a user logs in to the TSO ( Order management ) . You may also change the status under TSO setting and manage the public holiday for the same day. 



Business working hours

Once you set your business working hours, then QR codes will be valid within working hours and should a customer scan a QR code out of working hours, the system will show "Sorry, we are closed". If you do not choose any working hours, then any QR code will be valid 24/7 and the system does not validate any working hours. 


Kitchen working hours

Should you choose to have a kitchen working hours, then system will display both business working hours and kitchen working hours to your customers under you Menumiz page. 



When you click to add a schedule, a pop up ( below ) will appear and you can select a time span using the volume bar.


1: Showing the week day related to this schedule

2: The time bar (ON duration)

3: The start/end time for this schedule

NOTE: On touch screens , your finger may mask the numbers and you may not see the selected time, to overcome this problem , you may tap on the start/end time and then drag your finger down ( while holding the pressure ) and then adjust the time. 

4: Add button

You have option to have multiple working hours in a day ( having breaks between ). You also have option to choose the same working hours for all days except public holidays. 


1: Monday working hours : 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (First schedule)

2: Monday working hours : 7:30 AM to 11:59 PM (Second schedule)

3: Delete a schedule

Switching between settings

In case you switch between sync or un-sync business and kitchen working hours (Sync both button) OR you switch between ALL DAYS and week days ( Check box ) model, then all existing schedule will reset and you have to add new schedules (if any) and you will see the below message:


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