1: You need to set your TIME ZONE and also manage to have your business working hours and kitchen working hours configured in the system.

2: You have option to have different working hours for each week day OR have a fixed working hours for every day except the public holiday. ( if the check box is checked)


3: You have option to have  business working hours and a separate kitchen working hours OR merge both in one working hours ( if the check box is checked)


4: Week days and public holidays 


NOTE: Public Holidays

System doesn't refer to a calendar to check if today is a public holiday or not, rather it will prompt to ask " Is it a public holiday today?" each time a user logs in to the TSO ( Order management ) . You may also change the status under TSO setting and manage the public holiday for the same day. 



5: Business working hours

Once you set your business working hours, then QR codes will be valid within working hours and should a customer scan a QR code out of working hours, the system will show "Sorry, we are closed". If you do not choose any working hours, then any QR code will be valid 24/7 and the system does not validate any working hours. 


6: Kitchen working hours

Should you choose to have a kitchen working hours, then system will display both business working hours and kitchen working hours to your customers under you Menumiz page. 


7: Add a working hour schedule.  


When you click to add a schedule, a pop up ( below ) will appear and you can select a time span using the volume bar.


1: Showing the week day related to this schedule

2: The time bar (ON duration)

3: The start/end time for this schedule

NOTE: On touch screens , your finger may mask the numbers and you may not see the selected time, to overcome this problem , you may tap on the start/end time and then drag your finger down ( while holding the pressure ) and then adjust the time.


4: Add button

You have option to have multiple working hours in a day ( having breaks between ). You also have option to choose the same working hours for all days except public holidays. 


1: Kitchen working hours is the same as business working hours 

2-3: Monday working hours : 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM     -    5:15 PM to  11:15 PM

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