Business Settings deal with more technical asspects of the system which may impacts the way you manage your bsuiness or the way you bill your customers.

First you must select a price range for your bsuiness to inform your customer of how expensive or inexpoensive is your menu.

Then you need to select the cuisine(s) available in your menus. You may select up to five cuisines. 

Next step is to clarify on your tax and whether your add goods & services tax to your bill or not.

1: Enable/disable tax 

2: Your company registration number as per your country taxation requirements

3: The tax title ( what is the related tax called in your country : e.g. : GST, SST , VAT ...)

4: The tax rate 

NOTE: Once you are setting up the digital menu, you have control over the tax to be applied or not applied on eac h individual item , for instancve you can apply tax to Burger but skip it for mineral water. 

You must decide on your service type ( Dine-in , Takeaway ) and whether your customers must pay service charge.

1: What type of service you provide

2: Do you add service charge to your bill

3: What is the rate of your service charge

Then you need to decide on whether you have surcharge for card payment sor not. You may add surcharge up to 5% of the bill.

1: Enable/disable surcharge

2: Surcharge rate

The last thing to configure under business settings is the payment options accepted in your bsuiness. 

Cash is selected by default , you may change it. Note that the system requires at least one payment option available. You may select cards or e-wallets as well.

NOTE: These options are informative only and doesnt technically impaxct the way the system works, it only shows your customer how they may pay you. 

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