The whole idea of Menumiz™ contactless ordering relies on QR codes. You must generate a QR code and present it to your guest to scan by mobile camera to retrieve your restaurant / cafe page and access your digital menu. 


Currently Menumiz™ does not support table number-embedded QR codes (Unique QR codes) and hence, the guest must key in the table number or declare a takeaway order upon scanning the QR code. 




In next versions, we will add Unique QR codes, dynamic QR codes (live) and bluetooth beacon option as well.

1: Available layouts for the QR code page to print are :  A4 , A4 two fold , A4 three fold and also 80mm paper roll for  thermal printer. Please note that the latest option for thermal printer is just the QR code with out any About text option.

NOTE: There might be other layouts offered in your market.


2: Your Logo (you can add a logo under Account/business profile)


3: This text is retrieved from About section in your business profile. 


4: RESET QR code button. If you reset the QR code, the exiting QR code you may have will be invalid and you have to replace with new QR codes and re-print. You may use this option should you believe that some one is abusing your QR codes and sending you fake orders. 


5: Download the layouts in PDF format to print.


6: Download a PNG of the QR code only. You may then design your own layout and paste the QR code image in your customized page.


Please click below to learn on each part individually:

  1. Business profile
  2. Working hours
  3. Business setup
  4. QR code Setting
  5. Printer Configuration