Menumiz supports Lan / WIFI printers as well as cloud printing (in some versions). You can add printers and then assign them to printing bills, dockets or both. Label printing will also be available soon. 

During configuration, you have option to skip adding printers ( DO IT LATER ) and continue to take care of the rest of the things in Menumiz and later do the printer section.

Once you click " + wifi or Lan printer" the below pop up will appear:

1: Select the printer from the list

2: Give it a name , e.g.: Kitchen , counter 1 , main door

3: Enter the printer IP ( e.g.:

    Click here to learn how to find the printer IP

4: Assign the printer to what it is supposed to print ( Dockets, Bills, Labels)

5: Save

You may add multiple printers.

Explore the other sections below:

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  2. Working hours
  3. Business setup
  4. QR code Setting