How to find the IP and PORT for the Thermal LAN printers?

Each printer obtains its default IP address which is a number similar to from the router it is connected to in the network. To get this IP, you must send some commands to the printer to print a report which includes the IP or the PORT.

Depending on the model and brand of the printer, you may have to follow one of these steps to print a self test as a report out which contains the IP and the PORT. 

Method A

  1. Turn of the printer by main switch ( 0-1 button)
  2. hold feeder and power buttons together, then switch ON the printer.
  3. After a few second release the buttons.
  4. It will print the report showing the IP and PORT automatically.

Method B

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Open the printer paper magazine door
  3. Hold power down and close the door
  4. It will print the report showing the IP and PORT automatically

Other mothods:

There might be other methods for some other brands, pleaser follow the manual of the printer to get the IP address and PORT number.

NOTE: You may have to install printer driver on windows to change the IP range using the tools provided by the printer vendor. 

TIP: Most of the prinetrs use the port 9100

For more information and technical assistant on setting up a printer in network, please contact Menumiz support team.

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