The Concept

Menus and submenus are like folders and subfolders in Menumiz. You may consider them as collection of dishes in two levels ( menu and submenu). remember that dishes / items are linked to submenus , they are not technically moved to a submenu, hence by deleting a submenu or a menu, the dishes / items remain in the digital menu and could be linked ( assigned ) to other submenus. 


Sidelines & Add-ons menus and submenus

You do not need to create any menu or submenu for your sideline or add-ons as the system has a default menu and submenu already created for them. When you start your digital menu setup for the first time, you will notice that there is menu called " sidelines & Add-ons " and two submenus called " Sidelines" and "Add-ones" .  Once you start adding a sideline or add-on in Dish wizard, the items will be automatically assigned to related submenu of sidelines or add-ons and you do not need to be worried about mixing up them with your main dishes and main items.

Default sideline and add-ons menu and submenus reserved in the system.

Menu Bar

Digital menu module enables you to navigate in available menus or submenus and filter the items /dishes for each menu or submenu to see what exactly is under each. Open the menu bar and click on a menu, it will show all submenus under it in submenu bar below it, all dishes and items also will be displayed assigned to these submenus. Click on a submenu will narrow down to items or dishes exactly under that submenu. To unselect a menu or submenu, click again on it.

1: Available menus 

2: Selected menu

3: Submenus under selected menu

4: Add dish/item wizard

NOTE:  Each card displays the number of contents in it, a menu shows how many submenus are under it and a submenu shows how many dishes/items are assigned to it.

NOTE:  A "crossed eye icon" added on the card means the menu or submenu is hidden. here. A  "calendar icon" means the menu is under automatic display (auto display schedule).

Menu Organizer



You can add (create) a menu under Menu Organizer tab in digital menu module or Add Folder icon in menu bar ( see illustration below). You have also option to put auto display schedule for each menu. You may also hide ( inactive ) a menu manually in case you need so. Each menu contains submenus and each submenu contains dishes/items (food).


1: Start adding new menus ( e.g.: Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Thai Menu...)

2: Default Menu for sidelines & add-ons

1: The Menu title (e.g.: Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu )

2: Optional description about this menu 

3: Menu image ( you may upload an image or use from Menumiz free stock photo collection having thousands of images , vectors and word Arts )

4: Enable auto display schedule for this menu (You may enable it later from edit option)

Auto Display Schedule

This features puts a menu ( and all submenus and dishes under it ) into an automatic display based on days and hours setup by you. For instance, you can enable auto display schedule for a lunch menu so that it is available between 11 AM to 2 PM every day and hidden during other times. You may use this feature to display different submenu combination for the same time in different days by hiding one and displaying another one.

The schedule panel here follows the same concept of working hours schedules. 

1: If check this box, all week days and public holidays will be locked under one schedule

2: Select a single day of the week

3: PH ( public holydays)

4: Add a new schedule

NOTE: You can add maximum 3 schedules for each day

1: The time that the menu is ON and being displayed 

2: Start and end time for the schedule


1: Drag and drop menus to sort them ( it changes the sorting of the menu for your guests)

2: Menu image

3: Show/Hide the menu

4: Delete the menu

5: Edit the menu

6: Number of submenus under this menu

7: Export menu (docx fromat)



When exporting a menu, all submenus under the menu will be exported. You have option to choose whether Add on or Side lines to be exported in this menu or not ( Above pop up).

Menumiz will export each menu in an editable word document format (with no image) and you may design the layout and add image to it if you wish.

NOTE: if there is an item having smart pricing , the principle price will be exported. 

Un-scheduled Menu

1: It means that you have enabled auto display schedule for this menu but have not added yet any schedule , the menu remains hidden to customers unless you add a schedule or disable the option


Scheduled ON

1: Auto display schedule is ON

2: Edit Auto display schedule

Grey BG means the menu is hidden (eye icon is on)

TIP: You can drag the time bar by holding it in the middle ( rather than start and end points)


TIP: In mobiles and touch screen, you can tap the bar or start or end pint and then drag your finger below so that your finger doesn’t cover the time values. yet you can swipe left or right as long as your finger is in touching the screen.


When you add menus and submenus in the system, they are displayed in menu and submenu bars and by clicking on each, you technically filter the content and it shows the only items under each menu or submenu.


NOTE: Once you create a dish you have option not to assign it under any menu or submenu, such dish remains hidden to your guest who access your menus by scanning a QR code, but available to TSO and your waitstaff under “All Items” tab in Order management module and could be ordered if required. 



Once you created a menu then you can add submenus under it. Click on the yellow area and expand the menu. Click on " Add a submenu folder" tab and create your first submenu under this menu.

1: Add Submenu 

The process to add a submenu is similar to adding a menu in previous step. You need to choose an image (upload or use Menumiz stock collection) , give it a name and have also option to add a brief description.



1: Submenu image

2: Submenu title/name

3: Optional description 

NOTE: There is not auto display schedule option for submenus

You can add as many as submenus needed under a menu. 

1:  Number of submenus under the menu

2: Number of items/dishes assigned to each submenu

3: Drag drop option to sort the submenus

NOTE: Each submenu has edit , delete and show/hide option.

1: The grey colour on number back ground means there is at least one hidden submenu under this menu. The grey body of submenu means this submenu is hidden to your customers.

Items and dishes

You can assign dishes/items/foods to each submenu directly from Menu Organizer or add during the dish wizard or even later from the dish setting. So there are multiple options on how you actually present a dish to your customers under a particular submenu. Please not that a dish may be under multiple different submenus. 

1: Click to add (Assign) dishes /items under this submenu. You may assign multiple dishes/items at once. 

1: Number of dishes/items under this submenu

2: Drag and Drop option to sort items.  ( This sorting effect the way these items /dishes are displayed to your customers.

3: Remove the item from this submenu

4: Age restriction icon for your reference when assigning dishes to a submenu


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