Menumiz digital menu offers three different categories of dishes or items as follow:


1: Main Item

2: Free side dish

3: Add-on

You can add them using the dish wizard and also edit them later in dish settings. Please note that a main dish or main item could be assigned to a submenu but the side dishes or add-ons have thier own default menu and submenu folders. also, side dishes are supposed to be free and you have not any price option for them, but main dishes or add-ons could be either priced or free. 

Digital Menu Interface At A Glance

1: Manage menu and submenu folders (Menu organizer)

2: Menu bar (existing menus)

3: Submenu bar (existing submenus)

4: Grid view of dishes

5: List view of dishes

6: Add new dish/item (Dish Wizard)

7: Search in dishes and items

Step by Step guide

How to add a dish/item to digital menu?

How to add side dishes or add-ons or set menu?  

How to add dish name, image, video? 

How to add ingredients?

How to control dine-in or takeaway menu?

How to add age restriction icon?

How to add dietary tags? 

How to add size/price?

How to add smart price?

How to add energy units ans calories? 

How to add cooking styles?

How to assign add-ons under a dish?

How to assign free side dishes under a dish?

How to bypass tax ( GST, SST, HST ...) on a dish?

How to assign a dish to a menu/submenu? 

Dish Wizard

Click "Add new Item" at right down corner of the digital menu page and start the wizard.

1: Add a main item (e.g.: Burger, pizza, steak...)

2: Add a free side line (e.g.: french fries, a coke)

3: Add an add-on (e.g.: a coke, garlic bread, french fries)

NOTE: This is up to your business policy that what is considered a side dish or add-on. However, these are later assigned to a dish as options for your customer. A coke could be a free side dish under a burger but paid add-on under a pizza, hence you may have to create the same item twice as side dish and add-on. 

NOTE: Side dishes or add-ons are not presented as a la carte and must be ordered under a main dish. Should you need to have them available to be ordered individually, you must add them as main dish as well.

For instance, a french fries  most likely is a free side dish under a burger, add on under a pizza and also offered individually as a french fries a la carte, in these scenario a french fries has three prices, free as side dish, cheaper as add on and normal price as a la carte.

Main Item Wizard


1: General Info

1: Dish / Item name

2: Dish /Item name on docket*

3: Dish image

4: About this dish

5: Upload video


* Menumiz makes it possible to have a different title internally used for an item printed on the docket. It also support non English languages for the title. i.e you may have a chef who doesn't know English, now you can print the dockets in thier native languages while having English as front for your customers or TSO. 


You may uplaod an image (JPEG, JPJ, PNG , HEIC)  or choose from Menumiz free stock photo collection. 



NOTE: You may upload a short MP4 , MOV, WEBMvideo, max 10 MB with no audio. The video must be in 16:9 ratio with edge to edge content with no BG (Full screen video). If there is black back ground on video, then it will not look nice on your guest mobiles. 

NOTE: To uplaod the video, you must click NEXT. If you want to see it or delete it, you have to go BACK from next slide to this slide in the wizard.


2: Add ingredients (Optional)

You have option to add ingredients as keywords , just key in and click plus button ( + ). To remove an item, click X on its keyword. 

NOTE: Your customers can have a list of keywords under their profile as dietary preferences; For instance If they add a keyword as allergen ( based on their own choice) , then if  such keyword appears in the ingredients of an item that they are going to order, the system will inform the customer of such match and they can check for more details. 

Hence you had better to select these keywords more carefully with no typo. 



3: Serving type

Here you decide on whether this item is offered in  dine-in only, takeaway only or both. Food delivery and in-room dining options will be available in next version of Menumiz.


NOTE: The choice you make here is regardless of your choice about your service in business settings where you chose what services are available in your restaurant ( Dine-in, Takeaway, Both ).


4: Age Restriction (Optional)

You can add age restriction icon on an item by enabling the age restriction here. You may choose from a list of different ages (e.g.: +16, +17,+18, +19...) subject to your policy or legal requirements of your jurisdiction on food and drink orders. 

Disclaimer: This age restriction is just a tag (as icon) to inform your customer or waitstaff about the age requirement for such item. The system doesn’t NOT validate your customer's age or hide such items from their access. You are responsible to check whether your customer is legally allowed to have such item or not once delivering the order.



5: Add tags (Optional)

You can add some tags to an item to help your customers or the waitstaff quickly filter desired items based on tags ( e.g.: Low carb, low fat..)  or warn them about risks ( e.g.: Allergen , peanuts, Alcohol...


NOTEYour customers have this option to add their dietary preferences under their profile; hence the system can tag items by heart  icon for what they like, thumb down icon for what they do not like and notice triangle for allergens by comparing thier profile with these tags or the ingredients. 

NOTE: Customers and also TSO users can also FILTER the menu items based on these tags to narrow down for what they are looking for. 


NOTE: You may add maximum 6 tags for an item.


6: Add price

1: Size/type ( e.g.: Small, Large, Combo...)
2: Price

3: Enable/disable Cost field (to calculate cost of goods sold)

4: Cost of goods

5: Add price

6: Free Item (disble the price field)

7: Default price 

8: Remove from price list

  • You may add up to 4 different prices for an item.
  • Each price is determined based on size/type or any other criteria as per your business policy.
  • You have option to offer an item for Free by checking the "this is free" check box.  
  • All prices here will be available to your customers or waitstaff to select and order, but you can decide which one is the default price. Default price is the price displayed on menu for an item before changing size/type requirements.



NOTE: You cannot edit a price list in the system. If you need to change any thing, you must delete it from the price list and redo it again. 

TIP: Avoid giving lengthy size/types as it may not look nice in a mobile screen. Keep it brief and short.


7: Smart price 

Please click here to visit this page and learn about the smart pricing option.  


8: Add calories (Optional)

You have option to add energy units for each size/type in Kcal or KJ. 


NOTE: You may enter 0 in energy field for 0 calories items. 


NOTE: The system calculate total calories and reports to your customers how much calories they have eaten. hence you had better have a more accurate numbers here




 9: Cooking styles (Optional)


You may add specific cooking style or options to a dish. These options must not impact the price and are just some clear instructions to the chef such as : Rare, medium , Well-done for a burger or steak, spicy, hot, extra hot for chicken or any other similar options. 

NOTE: you may ad maximum 4 cooking styles to a dish.

NOTE: The concept of this page is similar to pricing page, key in and click + to add, delete and redo if needed, no edit option. 


10: Add-ons (Optional)


1: Enable Add-ons for this dish/item

2: Determine how many add-ons could be ordered under a single dish*

3: Select the available add-on

Selecting add-ons from list:

You may select all available add-ons or just pick up a few from the drop down list.

NOTE: You must have already created those Add-ons in the system.

*NOTE: You may limit the number of add-ons being ordered under one single dish. This is to control pricing and do not let a customer order a mini burger and 10 cokes as most likely coke as add-on is cheaper than coke individually. Default value for this number is 10.

NOTE: You may assign add-ons to your dish during this wizard , however, you must have created them already. We recommend you start setting up the digital menu by creating free side dish and add-ons first and then continue to dishes. However, you can assign add-ons and side dishes to a dish later directly from dish card header or dish setting (the gear icon on dish card) 

NOTE: Customer scan order repeated add-ons (one burger , two cokes)




11: Free Side dishes (Set Menu)

The same way you added add-ons to your dish/item you may add side dishes. The difference is as follow:

1: Sides are Free

2: Quantity of each sideline being ordered must match the quantity of the main item ,  it cannot be ordered repetitively. ( e.g.: One burger can have one coke, one is not possible to order one burger and two cokes, two fries.... In this case, it must be two burgers, two cokes, two fries) 

3: Pay more attention to default 1 side dishes per dish limit here compared to 10 add-ons as default quantity limits. You may wish to change them. 

NOTE: You may assign side dishes to your dish during this wizard, however, you must have created them already. We recommend you start setting up the digital menu by creating free side dish and add-ons first and then continue to dishes. However, you can assign add-ons and side dishes to a dish later directly from dish card header or dish setting (the gear icon on dish card) 



You have set menu option in some versions of Menumiz (Subject to your plan) which enables you pre-select side dishes or add-ons as a set menu. To use set menu, enable the set menu check box under free side dishes ( You may do the same under Add-on, however, Add-ons are not free and will impact the item price).

Whatever you select under the set menu drop down menu will be default choices under the main item. 

NOTE: If your set menu is combination of a few main dishes, then you must create such main dishes as a side dish exclusively for using under set menu. 


12: Accounting entry and Tax option

1: You have option to link this item to different sub accounts in your sales ledger so that later you could generate more specific X and Z reports. You may just select General food should you not care much about detailed  reporting. 


2: You can bypass tax ( good & services tax ) for this item in your bills by unchecking this  check box regardless of having a tax enabled system (configured in Business settings ) or going without tax basically.


NOTE: By default, all items are considered taxable. 


NOTE: We recommend you follow as per your government tax policy and skip tax for items which are not taxable ( e.g.: water ) even if you are not charging any tax in your bills for now. You may change your mind and want to add tax later and have to go back and check all items one by one and uncheck this check box should you have not done it properly now. 


 13: Assign it to a submenu

As the last step, you can assign the new dish/item to submenus. However, you must have already created those menus and submenus. You may click " Do it later" and skip this step. 


NOTE: A dish/item without a submenu will remain hidden to your customers but available to your waitstaff under "All Items"  in TSO module. They have grey header with  a yellow label " No submenu"as logn as not assigend under a submenu. 



Free side Dishes and Add-ons wizard

Adding Free side dishes and Add -ons in digital menu follow the same structure in dish wizard mentioned above, however there are less options for them. They have default submenus and hence no need to assign them to any submenu. 

NOTE: Side Dishes  and Add-ons do NOT support videos or smart price

Learn How to work with Menu and submenu folders

Digital menu legend

Digital menu concept