Main Interface

1: Manage menu and submenu folders (Menu organizer)

2: Menu bar (existing menus)

3: Submenu bar (existing submenus)

4: Grid view of dishes

5: List view of dishes

6: Add new dish/item (Dish Wizard)

7: Search in dishes and items

1: Main dish/Item

2: Add-on (Purple color coded)

3: Free sideline (Green color coded)

Menu & Submenu bar

1: Selected menu

2: Selected submenu


NOTE: When you select a menu,  submenus under it are filtered (displayed), when you select a submenu, all dishes under it are displayed (listed). To unselect, click again.


3: Number of submenus under this menu

4: Calendar icon means the menu is under Automatic display schedule

5: Number of dishes available under this submenu

6: Default menu for side-lines and add-ons

7: Eue icon means this menu is hidden (go to "Manage Menus" to unhide it)

Dish card

1: Serving type for this dish ( Dine-in , Takeaway)

2: Dish title (Food name)

3: Review and ratings

4: Price 


NOTE: In case having a few size/price option , the default price will be displayed on card. If this is  smart pricing , then the price will be in purple colour with a lamp icon beside it. 


5: Dashboard for more options

6: Video enabled ( If no icon, then it means there is only image available )

7: Number of current tags ( click to edit tags )

8: Click to assign Add-ons or Sideliens to this dish

9: stock counter


1: This indicates that you have not assigned this item to any submenu 

2: Grey header indicates this dish is hidden to your customers ( yet available in TSO)

NOTE: A dish with no submenu is always hidden and hence have grey header. Neverthless, if you manually hide a dish then it will have grey header as a sign of being hidden.

NOTE: "No submenu" dishes are hidden to your customers but visible to your waitstaff in TSO under ALL DISHES option. 

3: Age restriction icon

1: Dish status has changed to SOLD OUT 

2: This dish has smart price

NOTE: You can change status of a dish to "Sold out" or "Hidden" from the  dashboard at right down corner.

1: Dish reports

2: Hide/show dish

3: Sold out / resume sales  option

4: Settings

Dish Reports

Beside XZ report, Menumiz generates item-based reports which is available under each dish card. Dish report shows the total number of item sold in last day, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 90 days.


NOTE: You may access the  dish properties under settings including all options available as shortcut on dish card plus "delete" option. You can edit all features you have selected for the dish/item  during wizard under settings

Stock counter 

Menumiz stock counter is a basic but useful inventory management which monitors the number of available items to be ordered.

1: Items available (33 counts)

2: Item low 

3: Item not available 

Stock counter relies on manual update of available stock ( as an estimate) by the crew in the kitchen and count down is applied for each order made by the customer or the waitstaff until the stock reaches a threshold of 4 items ( accumulative for all sizes of a dish) and then the colour coded icon gets in orange colour to warn the chef. At this stage, the chef or the crew must evaluate the available stocks for that item and adjust the counter. 

1: quantity for each size/type

2: Auto-sold-out option


should the counter reaches 0 , it will turn and if the auto-sold out option is active, the item will show "sold out " to the guests. If auto-sold out is not active, then the counter may go negative.





Dish Settings

1: Properties available under each tab

2: Update changes

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