Main Interface

1: Manage menu and submenu folders (Menu organizer)

2: Menu bar (existing menus)

3: Submenu bar (existing submenus)

4: Grid view of dishes

5: List view of dishes

6: Add new dish/item (Dish Wizard)

7: Search in dishes and items

1: Main dish/Item

2: Add-on (Purple color coded)

3: Free sideline (Green color coded)

Menu & Submenu bar

1: Selected menu

2: Selected submenu


NOTE: When you select a menu,  submenus under it are filtered (displayed), when you select a submenu, all dishes under it are displayed (listed). To unselect, click again.


3: Number of submenus under this menu

4: Calendar icon means the menu is under Automatic display schedule

5: Number of dishes available under this submenu

6: Default menu for side-lines and add-ons

Dish card

1: Serving type for this dish ( Dine-in , Takeaway)

2: Dish title (Food name)

3: Review and ranking

4: Price 


NOTE: In case having a few size/price option , the default price will be displayed on card. If this is  smart pricing , then the price will be in purple colour with a lamp icon beside it. 


5: Dashboard for more options

6: Video enabled ( If no icon, then it means there is only image available )

7: Number of current tags ( click to edit tags )

8: Click to assign Add-ons or Sideliens to this dish


1: This indicates that you have not assigned this dish to any submenu 

2: Grey header indicates this dish is hidden to your customer

NOTE: A dish with no submenu is always hidden and hence have grey header. Neverthless, if you manually hide a dish then it will have grey header as a sign of being hidden.

NOTE: "No submenu" dishes are hidden to your customers but visible to your waitstaff in TSO under ALL DISHES option. 

3: Age restriction icon

1: Dish status has changed to SOLD OUT 

2: This dish has smart price

NOTE: You can change status of a dish to "Sold out" or "Hidden" from the  dashboard at right down corner.

1: Dish report

2: Hide/show dish

3: Sold out / resume sales  option

4: Settings


NOTE: You may access the  dish properties under settings including all options available as shortcut on dish card plus "delete" option and all features you have selected for the dish/item  during wizard.  

Dish Settings

1: Properties available under each tab

2: Update changes