Menumiz™ History

Menumiz™ is a leading QR-code based order management system in the market. This is why: Most of the contactless ordering systems in the market are a response to COVID-19 restrictions but Menumiz™ started the contactless ordering back in 2018 a few years before COVID-19 impact on F&B industry. The idea was not developed over night and  Menumiz™ concept is based on months of research and development in UIUX design and not result of a quick remedy to the market demand. 


Menumiz™ Approach

Menumiz™ QR code ordering stands out in the market as a result of its unique Flow of Actions to place an order.

Our development team at Menumiz™  has realised sending a self-service orders directly to the Kitchen is not a good idea but increases the chance of kitchen overload, false orders, fake orders and the worst, dish and dash opportunity for people who may abuse the direct Table-Kitchen ordering method where no human verification is in place.


Menumiz™ Flow

We have concluded that human engagement is vital  in the cycle of order placing not only to mitigate above mentioned risks but also to avoid a robotic dining experience for the customers. people prefer to talk and see faces when dining out which led to development of an advanced version of Menumiz in 2022 as below:


  • Customer scans a QR code and enters a digital menu on a mobile device
  • Customer browses and chooses items and add them to the basket
  • Customer submit the order and at the same time selects the payment option 

  • The order shall be held in a queue in TSO module
  • Waitstaff or cashier receives a notification about a pending new order
  • Waitstaff or cashier shall retrieve the order, review and confirm it and then place the order into the kitchen

  • Customer may pay at the counter before OR after the order was placed





By keeping the role of human in the process of order loop, it is possible to edit orders by waitstaff ( e.g.: if an item is just sold out , or if it seems a mistake in the order) , cancel the order before wasting time and materials in the kitchens, look for any age restriction ( If applicable legally ) and make sure the order is genuine and if it is subject to payment , the payment has been done. Also having orders pending before sending them to the kitchen, makes it possible to control the kitchen load smoothly.