What is Menumiz Pay?

Menumiz Pay is the integrated payment system for Menumiz users (diners) to Menumiz POS users (restaurants /cafes). The service enables your customers to store cards (Visa , Master and union pay only) and directly pay for their orders from their mobile devices.

How to activate the Menumiz Pay?

Menumiz Pay is not a default service once you register with Menumiz POS. This is an "Add On " and  to activate it, you must be on a plan supporting this feature and then apply for the service by filling up an online form (available to admins only).

Do I need a merchant account to receive money from Menumiz pay?

No, You need just a bank account under your business. Menumiz pay is a TPPA service. Menumiz will provide you with a sub-merchant account internally, we process the payment and also receive the fund in our merchant accounts, then the fund will be settled to your bank accounts. 

What are the requirements for Menumiz Pay?


  • You must be on a plan allowing Menumiz pay service
  • You must pass our KYC
  • You must have active bank account under your business
  • You may have to pay a non-refundable boarding fee

What is the process?


  • You must register a plan with Menumiz which supports Menumiz Pay (If not registered already)
  • You must apply for Menumiz Pay sub-merchant under your dashboard/Payment management/Merchant Subscription
  • You must fill up the online application and submit related documents 
  • We will contact you should we need further information
  • We will send you an invoice for boarding fee and a contract to sign and return
  • We will activate the service for you

NOTE: You need business registration documents, directors identification, utility bill and bank account under the business name and any otehr supporting document to show your bsuiness is genuine and running. 

Application Processing time

Application processing time varies country to country, but it is withing 7 working days if all documents in place with no back and forth in verification procedure.


Supported Cards

Menumiz Pay currently supports  3D secure enabled Visa, Master and UnionPay cards. (Debit or Credit) from local banks. (Foreign bank issued cards are not supported). 

Fees and rates

Menumiz Pay has a competitive combined transaction and gateway fees. You will only pay one rate and there is no other fees involved. You will receive funds after deduction of fees and hence, there is no invoicing for the fees. 

Menumzi Pay Rate is between 2% to 3.8% subject to your plan.


We settle the payments to your accounts after deducting involved fees. You will have a record of settlement history with related details in your dashboard. Settlement time varies based on your country.





Please note that there is a minimum and maximum transaction limit for each bill subject to the plan you are on. (e.g. Min bill $5 and Max bill $150). Should the bill exceeds the limit, your customer must pay using other channels of payment.


There is also a daily spend limit for each customer using Menumiz Pay for their payment which is subject to the country where Menumiz is used.


NOTE: Menumiz Pay is not available to "guest users" or unregistered users, your customers must register with Menumiz to make payment via Menumiz Pay.



NOTE: Menumiz Pay  is PCI DSS  A-EP compliant