Menumiz  has its own restaurant and food reviews fully integrated in the system. Your customers can add reviews and comments for your restaurant/business or give ratings to each food served in the menu.


Restaurant managers or admins  can also reply to comments , such comments will be displayed in reviews and also sent as notification to the customer by email.

NOTE: Diners cannot comment on food, comment are only for restaurant/business reviews in general. Food only has rating (stars) in Menumiz.

NOTE: Diners cannot rate a food which they have not ordered. 

1: Search and filter panel

2: Review type (Food or the Business) 

3: Reply to comments

4: Privacy Setting

Privacy Setting:

You may choose to have reviews public or private either for food ratings or for the business/restaurant.

If you choose private reviews, such reviews or ratings will not be displayed on your Menumiz page or in your menus.


Replying to reviewers

You can also reply to comments and ratings. However, if this is a food rating, your reply will be sent to the guest by email and if this is a business/restaurant review, your reply will be sent by email as well as displayed under the comment in your Menumiz page.


If your privacy setting is all private, then your reply will be sent by email only. 

NOTE: To make things simple, customer has option to comment once and you have option to reply once. This system is not for lengthy fights under comments. 

NOTE: There is an active profanity filter on comments and filters inappropriate words.