Order management consists of Three sections in Menumiz as follow:

1: TSO (table-side order) which is the traditional way of taking orders verbally by crew, at table side or at the counter.

2: QR code- based orders management

3: Exisitng Orders

NOTE: QR code ordering will not directly go to kitchen by default setting, Orders must be approved by the cashier staff. Orders might be subject to payment ( if the customer doesn’t pay by mobile and chooses to pay at the counter) , in this case, this is up to your policy to process orders before payment is made or not. 

If you wish to skip the manual order verification and placement by the waitstaff, then you must enable "Load Control" in TSO settings and determine a grace period (Min 1 min , Max 30 Min) whereas the system will send the orders to the kitchen automatically when grace period ends.   


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