Landing Page

Once you login to the system, you always go to landing page. This is a dashboard displaying your access to available modules as per your level of access. ( e.g.: Admin Access, Waiter Access...). You can navigate to all modules from this page and come back by clicking on Menumiz logo at left top corner. (On desktop)

    1. Home - Clicking on Menumiz logo will bring you always to this dashboard landing page.
    2. My Account - you can access your public Menumiz page here, see your business profile, user profile, Manage other users, access Menumiz subscription billing and Manage your Menumiz account.
    3. Management- You will access Tips management and generate discount coupons and gift card vouchers here.
    4. Configurations- You cane access the  Business settings, Working hours, QR codes and Printers under this section.
    5. Order Management - You can take TSO orders, Retrieve QR code based orders and manage payment at the counter here. ( You may also setup printers from this section also). You can also access order history and start refunds. Public Holiday is activated also from TSO module.
    6. Digital Menu- This is where your digital menu is created and controlled. 
    7. Reports- You can see X-Z and full reports here.
    8. Reviews- You can see and manage reviews and ratings about your business or your menu in this module.
    9. Menumiz Pay- This is where you can apply for a sub-merchant account with Menumiz and start receiving money from your customers under Menumiz Pay. All Menumiz pay transaction history is available in this section. Fund settlement history falls also  under this section. 
    10. Floor (coming soon)
    11. Notice bar
    12. User management shortcut
    13. Digital Menu shortcut
    14. Order management (TSO) shortcut
    15. Tip management shortcut
    16. Reports shortcut
    17. Discount coupons shortcut
    18. Customers (coming soon)
    19. Digital Kitchen Display (coming soon)
    20. Your business Logo
    21. Notifications
    22. Log out