TSO (Non- QR code based orders)

TSO module is the core of order management in Menumiz. The whole system is about to take and process orders and hence, TSO is where all digital menu, payment, reporting meet and interact. 

Public Holiday Check

Upon opening the TSO from dashboard in the morning, a pop up will ask if today is a Public Holday? Menumzi relies on human checking for public holidays. If you confirm that this is a public holiday, then the system switches your working hours and kitchen working hourd to public holidays if it is setup before.

If you miss this pop up in the morning, yet you can access it under TSO settings. Under this settings you can also select DARK MODE for TSO.

NOTE: Dark Mode is only available for Order management module and the rest of the system remain in normal mode always.

Taking a new order at the counter or at table side

Step 1 : Click Take New Order

NOTE: If there are items in the basket from previous unfinished order, 

then the tab will show " Continue Order"

Step 2 : Choose Order Type

Select whether this is dine-in or takeaway order.

For Dine-in orders, you must key in the table number (Alphanumeric supported) and then click GO. For takeaway orders just select takeaway icon and click GO.

NOTE: Table numbers are not verified in Menumiz. You may have multiple orders from the same table.

NOTE: Items may be subject to order type in digital menu, you may have items which are not available under takeaway or vice versa.

Step 2 : Key in customer's info (Optional)

You have option to enter for customer name, email (for sending bill) and also number of the guests at the table. All these data are optional, however we recommend to key in the number of guests so that the system could track and generate more accurate reports. 

HINT: If you enter an email in TSO for the customer, the system will detect how many times the same customer has visited your place in the past.


NOTE: Default customer name is GUEST and default head count is 1 .


Step 3 : Search for Items

TSO will show your digtal menu as below: (Desktop Version)

  1. TSO Home
  2. By passes menus and submenus categories and displays all available items (Hidden Items and items with no submenu will also be displayed under this tab)
  3. Main Menus
  4. Submenus
  5. Item card (Age restriction icon, Title and price and image are displayed)
  6. Filter items based on dietary tags ( e.g.: Vegan, Keto, Low carb...)
  7. Sort items (by price, AZ , ZA...)
  8. Search by name
  9. shopping cart 
  10. Sub Total Amount of order
  11. Guest info (click to update table number, name, email...)
  12. Table Number for the order (Takeaway icon is displayed  if this is takeaway)
  13. Reset search, filters and sorting

 NOTE: Menus and submenus tab edges  are colour coded by the system ( automatically) to help quick recognition of each menu by the crew. Colour may change if you add or remove a  menu or submenu  in the system.

TSO will show your digtal menu as below: (MOBILE VERSION)

1: Shopping cart

2: Search , Filter and Sort

3: Change menu (Floating Mernu)


NOTE: To open search panel, click on magnifier glass icon , to close the search panel, click on the same icon again. ( make sure reset search before closing the panel)

FILTERS: (Desktop Version View)

You may filetr the items based on tags given for each item in digital menu.

Step 4 : Add Item 

Select details of the item (dish) and add to basket.

1: Size/Type Option ( will impact price)

2: Cooking styles

3:Free Sidelines

4: Add-ons

5: Add Notes ( e.g.: To the chef )

6: General Info 

7: Shopping cart quick view

Legal Note: The" Add Item panel" UIUX design is internatiilay patented design under WIPO owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd (Asutralia). 


Add Sideliens

You may easily add free sidelines under each meal. Menumiz supports different sidelines offered under different meals. So you have option what to offer as sideline for an individual dish.

Also, you have control over the allowed quantity of free sidelines per each meal.

1: General info ( Calories, Ingredients ...if Any)

2: Quantity 

3: Reminder of allowed quantity per single meal/item

system will give error message if the number of Sideliens exceed the allowed limit

System will also remind of available sideliens to choose. However, you may SKIP and continue

Add Add-ons

You may also choose Add-ons the same way you chose Sidelines. The difference is here that Add-ons are not Free and hence, there are less restrictions on the quantity. system will not show any reminder of you do not choose any Add-ons.

1: Add-on Price

2: Qauntity

NOTE: Add-on or sidelines cannot have cooking style or size/ type option. If you have different sizes or types of a sideline or add-on, you must create them seperately ( e.g.: Small Fries, Large Fries...)


NOTE: Sidelines cannot be ordered duplicated under each meal , for instance if there are two sideliens allowed under a burger, it cannot be two cokes, it must be two different items. However, for Add-ons , the system allows duplicate items but there is a maximum cap to control this number in digital menu for each dish. ( How many add-ons are allowed for a meal- default value is 10)



Shopping cart quick veiw

You may check the shopping cart (Basket) to make sure order is correct while checking verbally with the customer under "Shopping cart quick view) while still taking orders. If you click "PAY" , it will take you to the next step to submit the order.

Step 5 : Processing the order

1: Order details ( Order belongs to who/ instructions to chef attached under "add notes" 

2: Sidelines/Add-ons related to the item

3: To Redeem discount voucher or gift card

4: To cancel the order (delete the whole order)

5: To remove the item from cart 

NOTE: Removing an item will remove all related sidelines and add-ons under the item


NOTE: To add more items , Click "Continue to Menu"

Step 1 : Placing the order

Upon Processing the order, the system shows options for payment, printing the bill or adding tip as below:



1: Print bill (By default checked)

2: Add Tip

3: If payment is made upon taking order, then click on this button to confirm payment was received. ( Otherwise the system will hold status for the order " Pending for payment"

4: Select method of Payment at the counter

5: Bill Grand Total

6: Place the order

NOTE: By switching between payment methods, the grand total may change subject to cash rounding mechanism (5 cens rounding).

NOTE: Upon placing the order, related docket(s) will be printed in the Kitchen.

NOTE: You have option to  Reprint the bill  or Docket from Order history if needed. 

TIP Option

By adding tip, a pop up will open and you can present the screen to your customer to add tip to the bill if they wish so. 


NOTE: Tip is in 5%, 10%,15% and 20% option only.

NOTE: Tip is not subject to tax and system doesn’t apply any tax (if any) over the tip

NOTE: Crew may overwrite the Tip amount and manipulate it before placing the order. This is up to managers discretion to protect customers from such by monitoring tips closely.


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