Directly paid to Menumiz

Menumiz is SaaS ( software as a service) and offers affordable monthly subscription plans you may choose and sign up. There are Flat Rate monthly plans or Pay As You Go plans available in Menumiz. As a result of a cloud-based service, the cost of full year subscription of Menumiz is about a fraction of  traditional hardware based POS systems.



Merchant fees

Beside the monthly subscription, you may have to pay transaction and gateway fees for Menumiz Pay which are dedcuted from amount we setttle with you.  , these charges occur on EFTPO terminals or any other method of payment you accept from credit card companies. However, Menumiz has a combined fixed rate for this service which is very competitive.


NOTE: There is one time onboarding fee should you activate Menumiz Pay in your restaurant.



You may need some hardware ( if you do not have any) such as a computer or a tablet. However, your crew may use their own mobile devices and help you save on hardware costs. Please note that Menumiz is hardware agnostic and works on any iOS , PC , Android  device ( not very old devices though) as long is there is stable internet network.


NOTE: You need LAN printers (Your plan may include free printers).

Menumiz can print from mobile or iPad on WIFI and it saves a lot on printer cost as LAN printers are quite cheap affordable and easy to setup  compared to other wireless printer technologies (web print, cloud) which needs considerable  investment on printer devices. .