Menumiz traces and filters  tips based on different criteria including by table numbers, by date and time, by username, by order number, by order type and by payment method. You can search by all above criteria to look up tips in the system.


NOTE: Menumiz supports only % tips with pre-allocated rates of 5%, 10%,15% and 20%.


To look up for tips open the tip search panel and key in your search criteria as below:


System will display results as below:

1: Select the transactions you want to settle with the waitstaff

2: Print a report (of those selected)

3: Download a report

4: Settlement history

5: Tip settled already

Once you selected tips you want to settle, ( select all option also available), then click " Settlement " Button.

NOTE: Tips paid by card or Menumiz Pay, are subject to transaction fees, gateway fees or merchant fees. However, tax is not applied on tips in the bill as per law.